March’s Virtue: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is to release our anger and hurt so that we can experience what is possible for others or ourselves if we make amends. Forgiveness does not mean that we condone the behavior of the offender. Rather, it means that we value our healing more than we value the need to be right, even if we are. When we forgive, no matter how difficult, we experience freedom to fulfill our potential. Forgive others, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself because peace cannot exist without forgiveness. (Virtues for Life, 2019)

Ages and Stages Questionnaire Event:

Cold Weather Policy:

As the weather begins to turn cold, students need to ensure they are dressed properly for the weather.  We thank you for sending your children to school in seasonally appropriate clothing.  Students will be outside up until the temperature and windchill are -25 degrees Celsius.  Please refer to our policy below:

  • Students will be asked to remain outside until 9:00am and 12:35pm, with the exception of inclement weather (see below) or permission granted by a teacher.
  • The colour code system for cold weather works as follows:
    • Green – used when temperature is lower than -25C (including windchill)
      • Students may come into their classrooms in the morning and noon.
      • Parents, please do not bring students earlier than 8:45am.
      • All students stay inside at recess.
      • Lunch students will stay in at noon.
    • Orange – used when temperature is between -20 and -25C (including windchill)
      • Students can come into the foyer and quickly warm up
      • Students are expected to head back outside and make their way to the playground.
      • Lunch students are expected to head outside at noon.
    • Red – used when temperature is warmer that -20C (including windchill)
      • Students are to remain outdoors and are expected to be on the playground.